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Bigeh watches over Philae

Dernière mise à jour : 13 mars 2020

Located right across from the Temple of Philae, the island of Bigeh hosts eco Nubia (inaugurated in 2018) : a Nubian village and its traditions are revived, offering board and lodging in a disconnected atmosphere.

The sun filters in through the window of one of the 8 rooms, built according to Nubian techniques and customs.  Outside, the wind brushes the hibiscus : cultivated by the staff, it is then used to make a cocktail that you can sip on the terrace facing Philae. 

Last year, life took up its course again on the island.   Abandoned for many years Bigeh has bounced back in its original setting. 

7am, the sun already floods the small island on which Taha Abadi was born over 50 years ago.  Birds fly over the bay, in the sky’s gradient.  In the water’s stillness, the little motor sounds evaporate.  Bigeh is alive again.

Located between two dams, Bigeh attracts local and foreign tourists who want to relax and disconnect in a sunny place.  There is a room dedicated to yoga and mediation.  Come alone or with friends and enjoy delicious Nubian cuisine, prepared in traditional pottery.  The restaurant has a capacity of 100 people and is open to all but requires a reservation the day before.  After dinner, enjoy Philae Temple’s sound and light show. 

One last secret : the Philae Temple used to be located on the isle of Bigeh before being moved right across from it.  A story that Taha Abadi will gladly tell you. 

Taha ABADI's account

"I was born here, in this room.  I left the island at the age of 5, when my mother died.  I left for Gharb Suheil on the western bank but travelled back, mainly on the weekends.  Back then, all these commodities didn’t exist.  The kitchen and bathroom stood separate from the rooms.  That was the Nubian way of life.  These rooms have been identically replicated in the granite rock.  The windows and beds are made of wood and other natural, noble materials.  The water is recycled and plastic banished.  Our project is an ecological one.  We wish to introduce people to this site, while preserving it."

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